Bow hunting must be reestablished in Greece.


Let's preserve the tradition of using bows to hunt.

We need to get signatures so that Greek archery may once again be lawful, so we may once again participate in the Kri Kri ibex bow hunt! The hunting of ibexes with an ancient Greek bow is part of our cultural heritage. It has been a part of our culture for thousands of years. Even in ancient Greece, archery was a tradition. Today, smooth-barreled shotguns are the only legal hunting weapons in Greece. Who is preventing us from preserving our heritage and preserving our ancient customs? Why is this so? Using a bow and arrow is a much better option than using a shotgun in terms of precision and harm.
Using an arrow rather than a loud, frightening slug bullet is more humane, as it generates less suffering for the hunted creature. Why is bow and arrow prohibited for hunting in Greece? Because this was their homeland, many Greek myths describe the hunting abilities of Apollo, Artemis, Eros, Orion, Philoctetes, Atalanta, Paris, and Hercules, among others.
Hunting is one of the most significant parts of Greek culture, and archers are among the most frequent trophy hunters. We must preserve this approach because it is among the final connections between humans and wildlife. Bow hunting may help the Greek government generate a significant amount of money if it is legal to hunt with bow, because it may help to preserve wildlife and its habitats. The Kri Kri ibex, one of Greece’s most intriguing creatures, is nearly extinct. Let us maintain the ancient practise of archery so that it may be handed down to our children and grandchildren, as well as the privilege to bow-hunt.

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