The treasure hunt on Sapientza Island is for Kri Kri ibex.


While digging for pirates’ gold on Sapientza Island, you found something much more precious than gold. You found a gold medal Kri Kri Ibex, record #3 pending for SCI’s record book. A trophy symbolises the highest quality. Congratulations, Anthony, this is a remarkable achievement! You don’t see many Kri Kri Ibexes and mouflon trophies of this caliber. A top-three Kri Kri Ibex is a superb accomplishment. All year long, the presence of buried treasure and ship remains on Sapienza Island is a well-known fact. Burial ceremonies are held regularly. Treasure hunters from Greece constantly search for the lost Roman pirate treasure that was left behind. Ancient galleys that were once submerged with sarcophaguses and marble columns can be found right near the island. Is this even possible? Could eleven shooters harvest eleven Kri Kri Ibexes in only two weeks? It’s an incredible accomplishment. Eleven incredible Kri Kri Ibex trophies were awarded this year.What a delicious cherry to top it off-the magnificent seven Kri Kri Ibexes were worthy of a top-ten SCI record book placement.

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