Kri Kri trophy

Best Kri Kri trophies taken on Sapientza island, Greece


The Kri-Kri ibex (Capra aegagrus cretica) is a kind of ibex native to the Mediterranean island of Crete. The Kri Kri ibex is slightly smaller than its mainland relatives, with males weighing in at around 150 pounds and females averaging around 100 pounds. These animals are Associated with good fortune and prosperity by the locals, …

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在萨皮恩特萨岛挖掘海盗的黄金时,你发现了比黄金更珍贵的东西。你发现了一个金牌Kri Kri Ibex,记录#3有待SCI的记录册。奖杯象征着最高质量。祝贺你,安东尼,这是一个了不起的成就!你知道吗?你没有看到很多Kri Kri Ibexes和Mouflon奖杯的 ...

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Kri Kri山羊的弓箭狩猎


This is historical Kri Kri ibex bow hunt for Safari club international. The first successful Kri Kri ibex hunt with bow and arrow filmed on video. The thick hard-rock vegetation was painfully pricking us and sticking at every step we made. Lefty was walking ahead and was hardly forcing his way through this dry and …

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SCI记录本 待定

令人难以置信的故事--令人惊叹的Kri Kri狩猎活动!

Two hunters have a success story to tell. A shootout won the battle for this hunt, not a single shot but two. It was all about developing tactics and good shooters who never missed their mark – shooting one shot only if it is vital (and our guides know how to put you there). Hunting …

令人难以置信的故事--令人惊叹的Kri Kri狩猎活动! 查看全文 »

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