3 Kri Kri Ibexes in Just 1 Hour

Kri Kri ibex  scaled

Kri Kir ibex hunting in Greece with Astonishing Success: 3 Hunters Secure Kri Kri Ibexes in Just 1 Hour on the First Day of the Hunt!

2022 was an astonishing success – three Kri Kri Ibexes in one hour on the first day of the hunt. It was something that no one had ever seen before, and it left many people in stunned silence. For the hunters, it was a moment of sheer elation. They had worked hard to prepare for their hunt, and it had paid off in a big way. The hunters celebrated their success with a few drinks and stories, and were soon surrounded by onlookers eager to hear more about their incredible feat. News of the hunt quickly spread, and the hunters soon became local celebrities.

Kri Kri ibex   scaled
Kri Kri ibex  scaled
Kri Kri ibex  scaled

Hunting Kri Kri ibex on Sapienza Island is a one-of-a-kind experience. Not only because of the thrill of hunting the elusive ibex on an exotic uninhabited island in the Mediterranean Sea but also because of the opportunity to tour the cradle of European civilization – Peloponnese. Hunting, fishing, and shipwreck diving Are a tiny part of the outdoor activities for your Greek vacation.

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