Hunting like the Ancient Olympic winners


Kri Kri Ibex is a mountain goat that’s different from other goats. It has evolved into the Lilliputian version of bezoar like ibex due to the island’s limited food and water resources, where it lives today. This animal dates back hundreds of thousands, years ago to ancient Thracians. They brought them over from their homeland in Asia Minor when they settled there around 3000 BC or earlier!
In the 20th century, purebred Kri Kri Ibex started to disappear because of hybridization. Today, only a single place on earth still has it – Sapienza Island in Greece. The hunting is difficult due to impassable thorns and bushes bristling with sharp rocks that make it almost unbearable for hunters who dare to go there. Four days of hunting and 4 hours a day are all they can get from government officials before turning back home defeated. Their weapon: smoothbore firearm – the shotgun is the Second challenge!
In order to make it more difficult for hunters, the rules forbid their use of any optical instruments. The third challenge is the weather: wind blows from the open sea, and waves are deadly while the ship may go to wreckage if caught in shallows or rocks close by. However, deep waters still remain with a depth of 5 kilometers! Despite all these difficulties – just like what was done by Ancient Olympic Games winners – we will celebrate those who managed to survive and conquer obstacles as our ancestors did back then at Olympia. Respect!

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