Kri Kri ibex hunting with the greatest team in Greece

Hello, dear friends.
Have you come to Sapientza or Atlanti Islands to hunt the last pure-blooded kri-kri ibexes (Capra aegagrus cretica)? I’m sure you’ve tried your hand at this sort of hunting several times over the years without ever shooting down your prize. You know why you haven’t been successful and how you can get there. We have invested a lot of time and effort preserving this ibex, one of a kind and native to our country. We can assist you if you desire. We would like to provide you with our expertise and experience that we have gained during our hunting excursions. Hunting is our passion and we want to assist in preserving this unique ibex.
Wild animals survive in today’s fast world only if they are important to people, and hunting is their only chance for value. We have brought hunters to the islands and have assisted them as professional hunting guides on many occasions. Many times we have shot down magnificent trophy animals. European and American companies that offer hunting vacations have employed us as hunting professionals and guides at the islands to ensure that you are pleased.
You have come to the right place if you’re reading this text. We will deliver you the best experience in Greece and make certain that you leave pleased. We have served many of our friends from the USA, Canada, France, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, Poland, Mexico, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, and Germany, among others. Ask our partners for references on Kri Kri ibex LTD.
There are no concealed fees or surprises with us. You’ll see the quality of our work if you choose to hunt with us. We are a local company that organizes hunts here in Greece. Hunting at Sapienceza Island is one of the greatest attractions in our country. We keep sportsmanship at a high level in hunting as a result. All over the world, hunting is organized by several companies, but in Greece, it’s done locally. You’ll find that Greece is one of the greatest tourist destinations around the world if you spend a few days sightseeing. We’re looking forward to seeing you for an incredible hunting journey.

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